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Run your school on the most intelligent school operating system

Teaching content
Experience the future classrooms
As the world navigates this new reality of online classroom, enable your school to embrace the change and run online
School OS
gives your school the tech advantage
Empower your teachers to focus on what they do the best. Teaching.
Video lectures, live classes, class presentations, lesson planner, performance tracking, pop quizzes, adaptive practice and more. So your teachers can spend more time on the learning process, not learning the process.

Give superpower to your teachers

Live classes

Content library

Lesson planner

Automatic exam evaluation


Unlock potential of every student

Pre-class and post-class notes

Personalized assignments

Competitive exam preparation

Performance analysis


Collaborate better with parents

Proactive communication

Seamless teacher interaction

Insightful reports

Child strength analysis

Go LIVE with your students
Set up, run and monitor live classes for your classrooms
Widest syllabus coverage built for all boards,exams and subjects
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22 Boards
School OS caters to students across the country from all major boards including CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and state boards like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, UP, West Bengal and many others.
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58 Exams
Students have different goals and aspirations. School OS covers all major competitive exams like JEE, NEET, CA Foundation, and Olympiads and Scholarship Exams like IMO, NTSE, KVPY etc, for their better learning.
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17 Subjects
Every subject plays an important role in the curriculum. School OS covers all other major subjects and serves schools as a one-stop destination for learning. This wide availability of subjects makes School OS unique.
Deep content library
With over 3 million learning items
Video classes
Boost the potential of your teachers. 7,000 hours of video lessons covering every concept in the syllabus, available instantly.
Strengthen the fundamentals of your students with bite-sized notes. 30,000 concepts cover all important diagrams, definitions and formulae for every topic.
Students love stories! As simple, swipeable cards, they are perfect for last minute revision or learning a new topic at their own pace.
Practice questions
Teach your students to learn by doing. 17 lakh questions to help you choose unique sets of questions that adapt to your students’ learning speeds.
Step-wise solutions
Develop in-depth understanding of a question and related concepts. 10 lakh solutions to questions in easy-to-learn steps.
Make your own tests
Empower your teachers to create unique tests in under a minute. Help your students improve their weak areas and make them exam-ready.

Take your school to the next level

Set up, run and monitor live classes for your classrooms
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